Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bashing Agile / XP

I just read an article that takes a very cynical view on XP and Agile methodologies. I wasn't allowed to comment without signing up for something so I will comment here.

Check out the post "On the trail with the Cowboy Coders."

I think the author misses the point of Test Driven Development (TDD) and the XP practices, as a whole. His suggestion that XP is "Cowboy Coding" couldn't be further from the truth. In fact (this is always said) XP takes a great deal of discipline. All of the practices and values must work together or you will never reap the benefits of XP. In particular, TDD is not merely a way of making sure that your code is tested. This is a common misconception amongst those who have been newly introduced to TDD.

The reality is that TDD serves as a design tool. Now, XP does "shun" up-front formal design. But XP does not ask us to do "no design". The design is expressed differently....the design evolves. Let's take a look at how TDD helps our designs evolve. First, users write Acceptance Tests. Properly written acceptance tests are the XP team's first expression of a system's design. These tests are used as a road map for what the user should experience when interacting with the new system. Second, we have unit tests. Unit tests stress those portions of the system that are invisible to the end user. The scope of Unit Tests should be determined by the team...for instance, we tend to write a test fixture for each discreet component of a system. Finally, we write tests BEFORE we write code. Once we have a failing test we begin writing code until the test passes. It sounds strange, until you realize that the tests are more than tests...they are the design document for our new system.

Ask any XP team, it takes a lot of discipline. Most traditional teams save the tests until the end. They see the tests as something that would be "nice to have" but not really necessary. In general they just never get written. This coupled with another reality, that most upfront designs go out the door after a week or two, makes a pretty strong argument for using TDD as a design tool.

Now, before I conclude my little rant, I must remind everyone that XP/TDD does not happen in a vacuum. All the practices need to be applied. Remember "evolutionary design" happens as you go! Tests should be written when you need them not just because you want a bunch of tests. So please don't run out and write a ton of tests for crap you'll be working on next year. I guarantee that your requirements will change and you will have wasted a lot of time!

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