Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Name....Same Crap

I've changed the name of my blog!!!! Not that this makes much difference to my audience. This blog will, from this day forward, be known as "Something Smells". While my critics may consider the cause for this change to be self evident (Garreth, Rob?), I made this change for wholly different, and much shallower, reasons.

First of all I no longer fancied the old name (yes, I just used the word fancied). Second, after long deliberation in the shower at the American Airlines Admiral's Club, I decided to really re-enforce the code smell concept. Oh and I changed the masthead....I think the new title goes better with the masthead.

Why more on code smell? Well, I won't be writing more about code smell, but I do think that my general technique for coming up with interesting topics (don't say a word) is somewhat similar to how we find code smell. Also, I think the art of hunting for code smell is a bit misunderstood. For better or worse, we all do it (hunt for code smell) and the sooner we accept it the better we can start to become at it.

Enjoy, comment and try to be kind!

Happy New Years!!!!!!

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